Just Bought a Used Car? Make Improvements by Hiring an Auto Locksmith

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3 min readDec 30, 2020

Switching cars is easy to get excited about whether you are buying a new or used vehicle. However, when you buy used, you have the opportunity to upgrade and make that car your own. Improving the sound system, seats or engine are usually the first upgrades that come to mind, but do not forget about safety and security when improving your vehicle. Hiring an auto locksmith to make some of these upgrades to your used car will offer you many benefits while also improving the car in other ways. This post discusses these benefits.

Install Keyless Entry

A great project to undertake is installing a keyless entry system. This will make it more convenient to own your vehicle because you can unlock the door from far away. One thing that you will need to decide on is whether you want the system to unlock one door or all the doors.

You may end up driving with your family more often than you drive by yourself. This is a good reason to have the system unlock all the doors. You can click the button from inside your home and then your family can get started entering the vehicle and buckling up. You can even save time by handling other tasks while your family loads the car up.

A huge benefit of a keyless entry system is the panic button on the remote. This will set off the car’s alarm, which will draw the attention of those around you if you do not feel safe. In addition, if you get lost in a parking lot, the keyless entry system can help. It will allow you to set off beeps that can guide you to your vehicle.

Rekey Door Locks

When you buy a home, it makes sense to change the locks to prevent break-ins. You can apply the same line of thinking after purchasing a used vehicle. Replacing or rekeying the door locks will provide you with improved safety and security, plus rekeying a car is not as intensive as rekeying a home. California has one of the highest car burglary rates in the country. Making it a little harder for thieves to break into your vehicle will help protect you and your property.

Make Duplicate Keys

Rekeying the door locks means you will need new keys, which makes it the perfect time to duplicate them. Having a single key to your car can be a massive headache. For example, if you lose that key you may be stuck somewhere unable to get into your car.

When you make duplicate keys, you can give them to your family, but you can also hide one or two in various spots for easy vehicle access after losing a key. Some individuals hide their spare car key inside the vinyl siding of their home. This is a pretty safe option considering siding takes up so much space on the outside of a house. If a burglar wanted to find your key by examining your siding, they would need to search so much of the house that they would certainly draw attention to themselves.

Rekey the Ignition Cylinder

Maximizing car security is an excellent investment for your new vehicle. You can rekey the ignition cylinder to prevent anyone from using the vehicle unless they have the new key. This feature further improves the security you get from rekeying all the door locks. Even if you forget to lock a door or someone were to break a window, the car would not turn on with an old key.

While it may be worth replacing the ignition lock cylinder if the one in the car is old and the key does not turn smoothly, rekeying is a less expensive option that may take care of the same problem. You can keep costs to a minimum by getting a rekey instead.

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