How to Tell If Your Office or Business Safe Needs Servicing

Your office safe can likely withstand all kinds of blunt force and other forms of damage. However, your safe can still fall victim to wear and tear, dust and dirt, and a lack of occasional maintenance. Even the most powerful safe can fail because no one ever gave it a dusting now and then.

If you have a safe in your business or office, the following details could help you avoid costly headaches. Here’s what you should know about maintaining your office or business safe.

Does Your Safe Need Servicing?

· Difficulties opening the lock

· Lock or pad feels loose and shaky

· Combination changes on its own

· Clicking and other strange noises

· Dust and dirt accumulation

· Frequent jams or trouble closing

No matter what problem your safe presents you with, make sure to have it looked at early. The longer a safe goes without servicing, the harder it becomes to address these problems. Our commercial locksmiths are ready to help you prevent these issues before they become too big to handle.

Do You Maintain Your Safe?

Have you lost the manual to your safe? Try not to worry, many manufacturers post the manuals to their safes online. Here are some quick links to the instruction manual download pages of some of the most common safe brands:

· Honeywell

· Cannon

· Sentry Safe

You can also lookup your safe model online to find even more ways to maintain it. If you are still having difficulties, calling a locksmith that has experience with safes could be your next step.

How to Give Your Office Safe an Inspection

If you have a safe with a fire seal or waterproof seal, then check those for wear and deterioration as well. Check all moving parts to make sure they behave correctly. If you have a digital safe, make sure the batteries aren’t dying, or preemptively swap them out for fresh ones.

How to Give Your Office Safe a Cleaning

Water and a clean, soft cloth will work for every part of a safe. Use it on the bolts and other hardware. Avoid using solvents or dedicated metal cleaners and polishes. They can ruin the plated surface as well as the surface coating or paint.

You can also apply a little grease or oil to the safe’s bolts once a year or less often. Whenever you feel the safe may need it for smooth operation, apply some grease to the front and bottom of the bolts.

Have You Had a Professional Look at Your Safe?

If you find yourself locked out of your safe or having trouble with it, then you will need a professional locksmith to help. In a worst-case scenario, it may be time to replace the malfunctioning safe. One of our professional locksmiths can tell you if it is time to consider a replacement.

At Lockworks Unlimited, Inc., we have decades of experience dealing with business safes. We can inspect yours, repair it, and get you back into it if needed. Your business safe isn’t something to take lightly. Rely on our experience and dependable service when you need it the most.

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