Your office safe can likely withstand all kinds of blunt force and other forms of damage. However, your safe can still fall victim to wear and tear, dust and dirt, and a lack of occasional maintenance. Even the most powerful safe can fail because no one ever gave it a dusting now and then.

If you have a safe in your business or office, the following details could help you avoid costly headaches. Here’s what you should know about maintaining your office or business safe.

Does Your Safe Need Servicing?

Your safe will let you know when it’s experiencing issues. You may even have some…

When it comes to protecting your home from burglary, many homeowners only think about their belongings inside their house. But have you ever thought about the stuff you leave outside? A backyard can be a treasure trove of valuable equipment, tools, furniture and more. Neglecting backyard security could lead to the loss of many of these items as well as your sense of security. Here are a few things you should consider when it comes to backyard security.


Tall fences that are difficult to climb and hard to break are a good deterrent for thieves. These fences not only make…

Switching cars is easy to get excited about whether you are buying a new or used vehicle. However, when you buy used, you have the opportunity to upgrade and make that car your own. Improving the sound system, seats or engine are usually the first upgrades that come to mind, but do not forget about safety and security when improving your vehicle. Hiring an auto locksmith to make some of these upgrades to your used car will offer you many benefits while also improving the car in other ways. This post discusses these benefits.

Install Keyless Entry

A great project to undertake is…

Lockworks Unlimited, Inc.

Lockworks Unlimited, Inc. is a Redwood City locksmith serving the Peninsula since its founding in 1994.

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